Into The Labyrinth

Book 1

Little sisters: can’t live with them, can’t let them sell their souls to evil kings of faerie.

Isandra Mayham, college professor and fully-licensed praecantor, knows exactly how dangerous a magical mistake can be. So when her rebellious little sister disappears after a black magic ritual gone horribly wrong, Isa sets out to save Amy’s stubborn, misguided, magic-seeking butt. Preferably before the Praecantian Council’s enforcers catch up with either of them.

But Amy’s trail leads out of the mortal world and directly into the realm of an old enemy. And Arctus, the seductive, deceitful faerie king Isa has spent the last thirteen years avoiding, is having problems of his own. Her sister’s ritual has unbalanced more that just Isa’s peace of mind and Arctus’s realm is paying the price.

To save both their worlds, Isa has to join forces with her old foe and fight her way to the heart of his place of power. But is it really an alliance or does Arctus have treachery on his mind?