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A Tale of Two Series

Hey there, if you’ve reached this page you’re looking for either: the Urban Fantasy series, the Isandra Mayham Adventures, or the Contemporary Romance series, the Princes of Manhattan. And you might be slightly confused as to why they live in the same place.

The short explanation is that Edwina Darke read way too many fairytales as kid. Somewhere down the line her joy in watching heroes slay monsters and the prince and princess fall for each evolved into two separate interests. And so these series were born.

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The Mayham Adventures

Laughter and spellslinging go hand in hand in this quirky and quippy urban fantasy series. Join Isandra Mayham as she explores the realms of fairie in a quest to save her missing sister. 

The Princes of Manhattan

If you like a dose of banter with your billionaires, this emotional and funny contemporary romance series is for you. Join the members of the Prince family as each of them find true love.