It was a darke and stormy night…


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Latest Release – The Quiet Prince

The Not-So-Ugly Stepsister Gets Her Guy

In this FREE novella, a not-so-ugly stepsister gets her Happily Ever After…

The Ice Prince

In this modern Manhattan fairytale, Prince Charming is the one conning Cinderella…

The Wild Prince

In this modern Parisian fairytale, a Beastly Prince is out to conquer a defiant Beauty. But the only way he can win is unconditional surrender.

The Quiet Prince

In this modern New York fairytale, a Quiet Prince sets out to save his long-lost love from the schemes of her evil ex. But it will take more than true love’s way overdue first kiss to break this social media curse.

Into The Labyrinth

Little sisters, you can’t live with them. You also can’t let them sell their souls to a seductive King of Faerie.


About Me

Hey there wandering netizan,

So you’ve stumbled onto my little slice of internet paradise? Hi and welcome! I’m Edwina and these are my stories. As a full time writer, I spend most of my days talking to imaginary people. My favorite thing to do is to dig down into what makes my characters who they are and then toss rocks at them until they rise to the occasion! If you like seeing people forced to confront their flaws so they can grow and conquer, then these are your kind of stories.

When I’m not running around imaginary worlds throwing things at my invisible friends, you can find me curled up with a good book, out for a long walk with friends, or online playing games. If you want to stay updated about future books and everything else that’s going on, sign up to my newsletter!




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Edwina Darke’s Reading Groups are facebook sites where readers of Edwina’s books gather to chat about her books, other people’s books, cute pets, strange memes, and all sorts of fun things. There are currently two series groups: The Realm of Mayham and The Prince Industries Watercooler. Readers in the series groups are the first to find out new release dates and are often treated to exclusive content relating to each series.

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