I work long days. Not complaining. I love my job. I get to spin the fairy dust of imagination into tales of epic adventure and high romance all day long. Best day job ever. But… spinning all that fairy dust is hard work. And at the end of the day, sometimes all I want to do is put my feet up and just not think.

(All you snarky people out there thinking, well, it doesn’t seem like she does much thinking anyway… – Rude. Might not be totally wrong, but still rude.)

And I’m very specific in my not thinking TV requirements. It must be happy. It must make me laugh. It must be resolved within a single episode (most of the time). Favorites include: Frasier, Friends, Parks and Rec, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Sex and The City, and Fresh off the Boat.

My problem is that having chewed through all these shows–sometimes multiple times–I’m running low on things to watch. Hence my question: where have all the light-hearted, low-impact shows gone? Have they migrated? Are they not making them anymore? Is there an obvious one I’m missing out on?

Dark and twisty shows are all well and good. I can binge a new season of the Stranger Things with the best of them. Likewise crime shows: The Rookie. Sci-Fi shows: Mandalorian. Historical shows: Bridgerton (dreamy siiiiigh). But where is the new short, simple, sanity restoring sitcom?

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I stumble across a new one this year. If 2021 is anything like 2020, I’m going to need it!