The first week of February has been a surprisingly good week of project progress. My writing partner and I upped our daily word goals for this month from 1,700 words per writing day to 1,800 words. And 100 words may not sound like a big difference – but it is!

It’s like adding an extra hundred meters to the end of a long run. (That’s about three hundred and twenty feet to all you non-metric people.) Your muscles are burning, you’re having trouble breathing, and you’re so, so, so done. Then you stumble across the finish line, look up to see the new finish line way off in the distance, and go, “Wait, you want more?!?”

And the answer is, “Yes. Suck it up, you special snowflake, and write those extra 100 words. Move, move, move!” My inner drill sergeant is a bit of a hard ass. And sounds a lot like the guy from Full Metal Jacket.

But the point is, I added 9,239 new words to The Wild Prince this week. I hit my new goal, plus a little extra, every day which makes it an A grade week. Let’s hope the rest of this month follows that trend!